Pandering to the id

Do you remember Sigmund Freud? If you took an introductory psychology class in college, you remember Freud; you have to! Freud was the one who came up with the concepts of the id, ego, and superego. Now, most of Freud’s theories have been long-since passed by. However, I believe that one of his concepts–the id–has incredible implications concerning what we are seeing in the moral morass of society today.

I–as a Christian–associate the id with the sin nature. Freud defined the id as that part of a person’s personality that irrationally driven by the pleasure principle. This is precisely what the sin nature–the flesh, if you will–does in a person. The sin nature, the id, would prefer to be unencumbered to do whatever it wants, when it want, and how it wants, with nothing to keep it in check.

Now, click on the link below (or paste the link in your browser’s address bar)…

Is this not pandering to the id? Like California, is not New Jersey pandering to the sinful nature, the flesh? Whether someone is born “gay” or not is irrelevant. Homosexuality is a sin. Any Christian who reads the Bible for what it says knows that. Is being attracted to someone of the same sex sin? I don’t know but that’s an issue for another day. The point I want to make today is that New Jersey is essentially saying that it is okay to sin, that there is no need to run from immorality. Is this how far we have fallen as a society? That someone who wants help in leaving the homosexual lifestyle can no longer receive help? Oh, I know that that the legislation says that conversion therapy is been only for those under age but you know it won’t stop there. When someone wants help to leave the “gay” lifestyle, where are they to go, especially when–in the future–legislation is passed making such help illegal at any age? And what about parental rights? Don’t parents have the right to rear their children the way they see fit?

I shake my head at the direction this nation is going…


About august589

I'm currently a radio announcer but I'm currently pursuing a Master's in Mental Health Counseling degree. In these blogs, I want to bring a Biblical perspective to mental health and psychological issues that I find as I peruse the internet.
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