Re-setting the radar

This evening was tough.  My daughter, Rebekah, told me that I’m hardly ever around to talk because I’ve begun studying for my Master’s level classes.  It’s true, I suppose, because I use the evenings during the week to study which puts me home at about 10 pm after leaving for work at 7:30 am.  The accusation hurt and, in an impulsive fit, I threatened to quit pursuing my graduate degree.  Because I know it’s important to spend time with her and she’s essentially accusing her of neglecting her.  And, frankly, the last thing I want to do is see my family fall apart while I’m chasing a goal that may not be that important. Fortunately, my awesome wife talked me out of quitting.  How I’m going to need her support for the next 2 1/2 years.  I know there’s going to be times that I’m going to feel like packing it in, regardless of what Rebekah says or thinks about it.  I need her by my side, behind me, and underneath me, making sure I complete the task or, as someone once said, “finish the race.”  So, my wife had some great advice.  She told me that if Rebekah or anyone else tried to discourage me from my goal to earn a Master’s in Counseling degree, I should just let it slide and not let it affect me.  She also had a great phrase for it–“re-setting the radar.”  In other words, being careful of what affects me and understanding what is truly important.  I think that can be applied in so many areas–you know, “re-setting the radar.”  Sitting down, taking at look at my life, and understanding what’s important and what is simply peripheral details.  Making sure I’m scaling mountains and not molehills. Keeping my eyes on the important goal and reaching and striving for it.   

I have such an awesome wife to remind me that I need to re-directed my radar.  And, I’m going to continue my pursuit.

There are some news store about which I must comment on this blog but that will wait  for another day.  I’ll do one story at a time.  The world is spinning so out of control and I’ve got to have my say.  Stay tuned…






About august589

I'm currently a radio announcer but I'm currently pursuing a Master's in Mental Health Counseling degree. In these blogs, I want to bring a Biblical perspective to mental health and psychological issues that I find as I peruse the internet.
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