Escaping the “Curse in Reverse”

Have you ever made a vow?  Was it hard to keep?  I’ve found that it is difficult to keep the few vows I have made (except my wedding vows).  Perhaps it’s good to know the difference between vows and goals. The one main difference is that goals have and end point; a finish line, if you will.  Vows are perpetually ongoing.

Have you made vows that you won’t be like thus-and-so or that you will never do something? Have you noticed that most vows are in the negative? Have you also noticed that you don’t have the power to keep vows?  Remember, only the Holy Spirit can be your strength to do such a thing.  If you try to keep a vow on your own, it is likely that you’ll actually become like the that person that you don’t want to be like.  And when that happens, a vicious cycle begins.

Also, when you make a vow to not be like someone or to never do something, you’re putting all your energy into the wrong endeavor.  Instead, why not focus on being more like Jesus, as the Scripture admonishes us? Remember, Jesus said that we really cannot change anything about ourselves. We should simply submit our lives to Him and let Him transform us.

The article link below goes into all of this in detail:


About august589

I'm currently a radio announcer but I'm currently pursuing a Master's in Mental Health Counseling degree. In these blogs, I want to bring a Biblical perspective to mental health and psychological issues that I find as I peruse the internet.
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